Thursday, March 22, 2012

Josh Radnor-itis

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but I suffer from a serious condition called Josh Radnor-itis. Now, Josh, I really need for you to stop looking at me like that. You and I both know it's a real affliction. It's true - I have a complete inability to function like a normal (I use that term loosely) around Josh Radnor. I don't know why - I mean, I like him, I think he's hugely talented and I love his films (happythankyoumoreplease is one of my top Sundance movies ever), but I'm not crushing on him. JOSH! What did I say? Please stop judging me. Really. I know, I'm sorry I'm not crushing on you, I just, well, I'm busy with my full Crush Dance Card - it's completely occupied by Ricky Schroder, Sam Trammell, and Nick Rhodes. Yes, I said Ricky Schroder in the mix. Stop looking so surprised. The worst part? Josh's new film Liberal Arts is going to be at Sundance London. So, not only does he get to see me be a complete moron in the states, but now he'll be able to have a front row seat to my lunacy on an international level. See, even he can't stop laughing. He's looking forward to the Freak Show. I can tell.
Last night I *may* have talked for ten minutes straight without taking a breath. At some point I was proud of myself for being able to speak at all (since the first time we met he actually said, "It's OK, you can speak..." because sound wouldn't come out of my mouth), but then I realized I wasn't taking any breaths. At Sundance Heidi is able to block me so that I can't even get near him (as she knows of my disease), but without her here to stop me, I'm afraid I'm a hopeless mess.

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