Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinky's Fandance Redux - Ricky Schroder

Let's face the cold, hard facts - Ricky Schroder has been my True Love since I was a young child and will be until I die. The End.
Obviously, I lost my mind the first time we met in Utah several years ago. I mean, I was beyond STOKED to finally meet him and *tried* to be on my best behavior.
And I actually somewhat succeeded. Somewhat. I could've been cooler and talked a little slower, but I didn't say anything too stupid (like how his face was on my birthday cake when I was 12).The next time I ran into him in Hollywood over a year ago, I wasn't quite as cool. See, I was caught off-guard, so my filter was off. Therefore, the birthday cake story came out of my mouth. His response? "You ate my face?" I said, "No, I ate your lips." WHY WAS THAT BETTER?!!?!? I'll never know. Surprisingly he didn't run away screaming or getting a restraining order against me.Yesterday I saw Ricky Schroder at a charity event. He wasn't on the list, so, again, I was caught off-guard and was completely off the rails. No filter. No common sense. In fact, I *kinda* lost my mind when I saw him. I screamed so loud that he had no choice but to come over and take a picture with me (if only to shut me up). In fact, when he came over, he said, "OK. You've got my attention." And then, again, to my horrory, the birthday cake story came out. WHY DON'T I WEAR A MUZZLE?!?! To add insult to injury, my friend asked me later, "Hey, who was that old guy you lost your mind over?" Um, what now? Old guy?!?! He was born on April 13, 1970 (sadly, I know that date by heart; don't judge me). Is that old? Yikes. If that's old, then I'm officially 100. Blurgh.

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