Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Update on the Life of Pink

Here I sit in McD's hating everything about having to sit in McD's to blog. The loud kids on the playground speaking various languages? Hate them. The loud, disgusting men telling gross and inappropriate stories? Hate them. The slowness of the internet and the horrible music? Hate. It. All. Next time I'll be going to Starbucks for sure. This sucks. So, our internet (or, more specifically, our neighbor's internet) has apparently gone away for good. Now, befofe you think we're just a bunch of mooches, I have tried to order our own, but was told that company doesn't service our area. So, I have no idea who does. Fail. I hate this. I need my WI-FI! Yesterday I was visited by a messenger service from job-who-hates-me delivering my last check. This amused me to no end. I mean, really? A messenger service? They couldn't just put it in the mail like a normal company? Did they think I'd fall asleep on the way to the mailbox? Wait, too soon? Well, at least it was the first money I've made while being out here. That's got to count for something, right? Plus, I got paid for eight hours. Not too shabby considering.

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