Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grown Ups Cracked Me Up

My sister and I decided to venture out to the discount theater yesterday to finally see the movie I've been dying to see all summer - Grown Ups. I don't know why I'd never been able to find time to see it, but it just never worked out until now. Considering how big a fan I am of the entire cast, one would've thought I'd be first in line on opening day, right? Well, anyway, I'm so glad I finally went because the belly laughs were exactly what I needed right now. The movie was SO FUNNY. I knew it'd be entertaining because of the previews, but this actually had humor beyond the footage showed on the trailers. There were some hysterical lines and I loved everything about it (especially seeing Norm MacDonald's butt cheeks - ha ha). Hopefully this'll be coming out on DVD soon. Check it out!

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