Friday, September 24, 2010

Pinky's Fandance - Andy Garcia

One of my very first gigs at Sundance was manning the door at a VIP soiree honoring Benicio Del Toro about a million years ago. The guest list included Andy Garcia's name and I was practically beside myself thinking about how I'd stay cool when he walked up and checked in. Unfortunately, at that time he never showed (or used my entrance if he did) and I've wanted to meet him ever since.Flash forward to the present time and I hear word on the street of Andy being at an event. Supposedly the event was "easy" to get people at, but I'm afraid that information was only pertaining to arrivals. When it let out left it was practically impossible to get anyone's attention as the guests were about a hundred miles (slight exaggeration) away from where the sidewalk was. As I'd been waiting longer than I care to admit, I wasn't going home empty-handed if I could help it and my main desire was a picture with Andy Garcia. When he walked out to valet, I put my head down, started walking quickly onto the property and left both the security and the valet parkers in the dust. I walked with a purpose right up to Andy, asked him for a picture, got it taken by his friend, and walked right out. Apparently, from what I understand, security followed me, but by the time they figured out what was happening and caught up to me, the deed was done. It was exhilirating! Andy was a doll (and SO handsome! Swoon). Love him.

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