Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lipstick Makes It All OK

The other night I arrived home after an awful day and was met with a package from Canada. In it contained the now-extinct favorite color of lipstick of mine (Wet & Wild's 903B) which I miraculously found being sold online on some Cosmetics Clearance website for $1.99. As this is my I-feel-good-no-matter-what lipstick and the one I don't have to mix with another color, I jumped at the chance to get some again. I worship this color. It makes me feel hot stuff (which can sometimes be a major feat). Growing up my mother would always apply her lipstick before getting out of the car. This ritual, while annoying when we were in a hurry, always kinda stuck with me. I remember thinking that no matter what was going on in the world, having the proper lipstick would make it all OK. My mom had a color she loved and looked great on her - I can still smell it and see how it shimmered when you put it on. And she was right. Lipstick does make it all OK....even if it's just in your attitude.

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