Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pinky's Fandance - Barry Williams

Today was a really good picture day - in total I think I came home with about 19 photos. Although I have several repeats and one fuzzy picture (stupid camera), I'm quite stoked for my awesome photo opps. Which one made me giddy, you ask? Why, none other than Barry Williams aka Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch.You know, it's funny because I don't remember having a crush on Greg Brady. I mean, he was the older, cool brother on the show who got his own sweet pad in the attic and had all the great dates and lingo. But, I kinda thought I was immune to Brady charm after being around my buddy Mike (aka Bobby Brady) and recently meeting Florence (aka Mrs. Brady). What gives? Who knew Greg Brady would turn me into a blubbering fool? Don't worry, I didn't really cry. I reserve those type of crazy tears for meeting Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran.

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