Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pinky's Fandance - Julie Bowen

I wish more celebrities could be like Julie Bowen. Heck, I even wish her castmates could be more like Julie Bowen because she's truly a class act. Yesterday she was scheduled to be on a talk show with three of her castmates. The other castmates arrived LONG before her (one came two hours earlier, one came an hour earlier, and the other came about 15 minutes before her). The castmate who came two hours earlier didn't acknowledge the fans at all, let alone come over. The castmate who came an hour earlier came over briefly, signed autographs for a second, but was "in a hurry" (not THAT song and dance again) and couldn't do pics. The castmate who came 15 minutes early waved and said he'd do it on the way out.
So, here comes Julie, long after the others, dangerously close to the start time of the show, and instead of blowing us off like she totally could have done, instead she walked over, signed all the autographs, did all the pictures, and was done. Did it take long? No. Did it make all of us waiting deliriously happy? Yes. I swear it seems to take longer to hear their stupid excuses than to just come over and please the fans. Julie Bowen, however, has got her act together. I'd always liked her, but she just skyrocketed even higher in my book. Thank you, Julie, for being amazing and treating us with decency and respect. You get very high marks in my book (p.s. Courtney Cox - take some notes. Some people waited for you since noon the other day and still....nothing. Boo).

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