Monday, September 20, 2010

Two Thumbs Down: Ingrateful Celebrities

Today's Jeer goes out to all those celebrities who are "in a hurry," or simply skip out of events. Tonight I made the mistake of attempting to catch Brooke Shields after her play along with several other fans who'd gone to see the play (which, mind you, tickets are at least $50 a piece). Eventually someone came out and told us all that both Brooke and her co-star, Raul, had left. Since we were all standing at the stage door, this means they had to have snuck out. Wow. Really? At most there were ten fans there. Ten fans. That would've taken, what? Ten minutes? Shame on you, Brooke. Shame on you, Raul. You know, there are plenty of commercials on TV advertising this play. It seems as though a little positive press from the cast being nice to their fans would be the most effective advertising of all. I don't understand why celebrities are always in a hurry. Granted, I'm not in their shoes. I have no idea what's going on with them or taking so much time. Perhaps I'll never know. But as a fan on the other side who's spent far too much of my life waiting for these celebrities, I honestly don't understand why they don't just leave a little earlier. They can't possibly be surprised by fans waiting for them. They should know what to expect. Brooke and Raul should be thrilled people endured the cold and waited for them, because one day perhaps no one will be waiting.....and I'm not going to feel bad for one second because they didn't take care of the fans they had. Two thumbs down to you, Brooke and Raul. Two big, fat thumbs down.

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