Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pinky's Bitchback - Debit or Credit?

For reasons only I can understand, I rarely, if ever, carry cash with me. OK, if you must know, it's because I can't be trusted with cash as it seems to slip through my fingers like water. So, to *somewhat* contain this problem, I've devised a plan to primarily use my debit card when purchasing an item. Yes, this can be annoying. Yes, not everyone accepts it (hence, my genius thought at only using it). Yes, cash would probably be better. But, overall, it's OK. I can keep an eye at my rapid spending and try not to completely lose every cent I have. My main gripe? The people who ask me if I'd like to use debit or credit. Yes, I know, it's their job to ask, but really...I DON'T CARE. If it costs the same to me, then just pick one. I don't care. The other day I had a bit of a tussle with a gas station attendant who didn't understand that a $1.40 transaction doesn't require brain surgery. Ironically, he was saying the exact same thing I was (that it really didn't matter), but for some reason he thought his opinion was different than mine. Fail.

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