Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dane Cook: 2; Pinky Lovejoy: 0

I'd like to tell you that my entire day wasn't wasted by waiting that douchebag-that-I-sadly-love, Dane Cook. Unfortunately, that would be a lie, as I spent not one, not two, but almost FIVE hours waiting (don't judge me) for that pain-in-the-ass who's awful to his fans (or at least his fans whenever I'm around - everyone else says he's great. Well, almost everyone). If I cared more (OK, I care, I'm just too annoyed to put more effort into this) I'd write him yet ANOTHER open letter (because apparently the first one did wonders for his shitty attitude), but instead I'm going to bitch and moan in a post and lament the fact that Dane's a jerk to me. It's sad because most of the word on the street says he's not, he loves his fans, he does stuff all the time, blah blah blah. But so far in my two miniscule experiences with him he's not been as cool as he appears to be on Tourgasm or any other show I've watched him on (because I really am a huge fan despite my bad experiences). Shame on you, Dane. Shame on you for making your fans wait and not being the slightest bit grateful. It's not like there were 100 of us; there were like 10. Fail.

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