Friday, September 24, 2010

If You Need Me, I'll Be Nursing My Cold

So, I've got a cold. Actually, I've had a cold, but I thought it was getting better. Sadly, after the out-too-much-and-much-too-late week I've had, I'm afraid it's back with a vengeance. I've spent the day in bed and/or on the couch and even as I type right now my nose is running like crazy. Ugh. Luckily I've got my sister and dad around to help. My sister brought me kleenex, medicine, soup, crackers, and then made me a grilled cheese sandwich (since our mom always made us chicken soup and grilled cheese when we were sick). Perhaps it's a mind trick, but I have felt better since consuming the sandwich. Of course, I've also slept for a thousand hours, so it might also have something to do with it. Now that you mention it, I think my bed is calling my name....gah....

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