Friday, September 24, 2010

Celebrity Wrap Up - Sunday Edition

Hello and welcome to Sunday's early edition of Celebrity Wrap Up (hey, the internet is working - I need to embrace the chance to post when I have it). Oh, J.Lo. I'm not quite sure what you're smiling about. Judging American Idol? Have you really fallen that far? And are you wearing a jumper? Really? Yikes.
Let's hope for everyone's sake that Kristin Bell is wearing something other than her breasts under that see-through shirt. I think it's official: Julia's been out of the spotlight for far too long and has therefore forgotten how to dress. Every day is more horrible than the last. Well, the good news is that Katherine Heigl is back to rocking the blonde. The bad news is that she used up all the peroxide in the state and is apparently platinum blonde now.
Terrifying! You know how much I hate wax figures. There's nothing worse than a person posing with their own wax figure (unless it's Joan Rivers because I think that would just be pure comedy).

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