Friday, October 9, 2009

More Ways to tell You're Addicted to Facebook

Last week's list was so much fun that I couldn't resist doing another one. And now, without further adieu, I present even more ways to tell you're addicted to Facebook. 1)When pictures are taken for the sole purpose of putting them on Facebook. 2) When you have over 800 friends, but you actually know just 30 and talk to only 2. 3) You converse with other people more on their "walls" than in person. 4) You refer to Facebook as FB. 5) You log into Facebook before checking your regular email. 6) You spend hours of precious study time viewing photo albums and pictures of people you went to high school with but haven’t talked to since. 7) You get in a fight with your significant other because he/she doesn’t want to be officially “Facebook dating” yet. 8) When everything about you is first posted on Facebook before people who are not on Facebook will know about it. 9) When your child shows you a picture they drew and your response is to do a thumbs up sign and say, “Like!” 10) When, apart from Facebook, there's no other website as interesting.

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