Friday, December 12, 2008

Time Warp Girl's Beauty Essentials

Please note: These are not actual photos of Time Warp Girl (but they're not far off). I was studying her in a meeting this morning and came up with a list of things she must use every morning while caking on, er applying, her make-up: 1) Purple lip liner, which is put around her lips AND in the middle of her eyelids (forming a secondary eyebrow where no eyebrow should ever be) 2) An entire can of hairspray to lacquer her hair down underneath the skinny headband on her bangs. 3) Bright blue eyeshadow (to show off the double eyebrows?) 4) Lipstick (which is a much lighter shade than the lipliner, so you can be sure to see the ring around her lips) 5) Some sort of shimmer 6) Lee Press-On Nails Oh, how I wish I could share a picture....

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