Friday, December 12, 2008

Noisy Neighbors Suck

I have terrible luck with noisy neighbors. In my last apartment, I had a DJ living beneath me, so you can just imagine the terrible thunp-thump-thump noises he made. For the first year I was in my current apartment I had a rather randy upstairs neighbor and had to listen to his, um, activities like four times a day. He's still there, but that all stopped after I left him a note last Christmas saying, "Happy holidays! Can you please keep your sex noises down? That'd be great. Thanks!" Then, I had some other thump-thump-thumpers in the basement apartment, but they just moved out and I thought I'd get some relief. Sadly, no. Whoever moved in is just as loud as the ones who moved out. What the heck? Are they trying to kill me? I don't want to walk over there in my PJ's like a granny and ask them to turn it down, but I'm tempted. I'd call the cops, but all I know is the 911 number and they don't take kindly to 100-year-old's calling in noise complaints when the line needs to be clear for actual emergencies. But they're cutting into my beauty sleep! Darnit.

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Ruthie----OH! said...

799-3000 is the non-emergency SL police dept phone #. Don't ask how I know.