Friday, December 5, 2008

Home Depot is Terrifying

I stopped by Home Depot the other day to get some supplies for my latest craft projects (on a side note: why is it impossible for me to just buy something like a normal person for a present? Why do I have to make everything? I think I might be suffering from some sort of illness. I went to that craft fair the other day and instead of buying things, I'd ask, "How do you make that?" I'm not nearly as interested in buying something I like as much as I am in finding out how to make it so I can do it myself. I'm like a crazy person). Now, as someone who rarely visits this store, here's my initial reaction: Home Depot is HUGE. I felt like a wee little girl lost in Disneyland or something (but WAY less fun). I never thought I'd find anything, let alone what I needed. Luckily there are a lot of orange vests walking around and I found the perfect items and for super cheap! Hooray! :)

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