Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Electronic Epidemic?

As anyone knows, I'm a huge fan of the electronic age - email, texting, blogs, social networking, I love it all. Bring it on. That being said, I worry that people are getting lax in the normal rules of communication because it's so much easier to send things electronically. Personally, I have way too many conversations over text message which would be better served on the phone or in person. Several years ago, I received an email from a friend of mine who had passed away. Her mom used the girl's email address to send out her death announcement (which seemed very, very wrong to me). The subject line was her name. I opened it thinking it was some email forward (as she loved sending those) and instead was hit with a one-two punch about her passing away. Yikes. In recent years, I've learned about births, engagements, pregnancies, and weddings via email and text message. I know it's easy to get a lot of information out quickly, but I think it loses some of its luster by being exchanged this way. Heck, one friend announced her mother had passed away by putting it as her status update on Facebook. What on earth? I know my little opinion isn't going to do anything to change the ways of the world, I just wanted to take a moment and discuss. What do you think? Are we too dialed in for our own good?

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