Wednesday, September 3, 2008

9 0 2 1 WOW

OK, I'll admit it - Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) rocked my world. I totally loved it and its sister show Melrose Place. In fact, in college our big night of the week was watching these shows while bingeing on Little C's - there was nothing better in the world than watching all the ridiculously cheesy drama with good friends and cheap, greasy pizza. My family was big into it, as well, which is where it all started for me. My love for the show was true up until the very end - every catfight, breakup, and drug addiction was recorded in the back of my mind. I watched both shows from beginning to end and clamoured for more. My sister still watches them on Soapnet whenever they come on. We can't stop watching them. That being said, I had mixed feelings for the new 90210. Why would I care about a new cast? What would draw me in? How could they improve upon perfection (OK, OK, that was taking it too far, but you know what I mean)? Plus, I'm nearing 100 years old, why do I care to watch a
bunch of high school kids at West Beverly High (again)? Well, let me tell you - I watched last night just to see what I thought and I must admit: I LOVED IT!!! I can't wait to see more. The adults were just as interesting as the kids (which is a category Jim and Cindy Walsh were seriously lacking in) and I think having the original cast be on the show with smaller parts was genius. The Peach Pit has been redone and made edgier, Nat is still around, Kelly is a counselor at West Beverly with a son (Dylan's, I hope?) and she's buddies with Brenda, who's back teaching drama (!). I especially loved that the news anchor at school was Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez (Andrea and Jesse's daughter!! Genius!) and the girl named "Silver" is David and Kelly's little sister (who was a baby when we last saw the gang). Even the Grandmother (from Arrested Development) was brilliant. I'm so excited for this new show, season, and what could be! I can't wait to see more and hopefully have some more cameos (if the original cast can tear themselves away from Dancing with the Stars for a bit, that is). P.S. Yes, I realize I'm talking about these characters as though they're real. So what? Shut up.

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