Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Should This Really Make Me So Happy??

Last night on 90210 it was revealed who the daddy of Kelly Taylor's 4-year-old son was. I'd put it behind a "cut" if I knew how, but alas, I'm a novice blogger (plus, I probably already blew it with the multiple pictures of Kelly and Dylan...oops). Let me just say that when Brenda said Dylan's name, I actually screamed. Yes, apparently I'm WAY too into this show already. Can you believe it? They'd kinda been teasing things the whole time and at one point I was sure it was Brandon's kid, but nope, Dylan's. Wahoo! I couldn't be more thrilled if they were: 1) actual people instead of make-believe and 2) my actual friends (which, of course, is impossible, as we've already discussed they're make-believe. I do have *some* sense of reality, in case you were worried). Wow, somebody needs to get a life.

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