Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Never Fear, I Am NOT Breaking Up With You

My dear sweet readers, please don't panic. I am NOT breaking up with you. My random friend rant from earlier was not regarding any of you (as I'm not foolish enough to blog about someone who actually reads my blog). If you've passed the "Pinky Test" and are reading these words, then you're my friend. I don't take this lightly. This may (or may not) surprise you, but I'm not always a rainbow and sunshine type of person. I don't like everybody - in fact, there are many, many people I wouldn't give the time of day to. I'm not a nice person when I don't like someone - I pretty much act as though they don't exist. I can be rude, bitchy, and mean. I admit it. However, if I do like you, I'll annoy you mercilessly - the more I bug, the more I love. Make sense? :) As for the earlier post, I rarely speak to the person in question as it is, so it's probably a moot point anyway. Let's just pretend it didn't exist, OK? OK. We didn't break up. All is right in the world. :)

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