Monday, September 22, 2008

Shouldn't Games Be Left in Grade School?

While *technically* I suppose I'm still on my "man vacation" (hmmm, that didn't seem to last long, did it?), I have to take a moment and talk about dumb boys who like to play games. Can someone please explain to me why this is? Why must we continue to play games well into adulthood? It seems like we *should be* mature enough to say, "I like you. You like me. Let's do this." Simple, right? Wrong. Apparently, there's a whole scientific strategy into landing a man and I don't think I'm completed the college course regarding man-catching. Truth be told, I've never been good at playing hard to get (what? stop it). When I was young and first started liking boys, my mom told me I wasn't allowed to call them. Now, of course, in retrospect I can see why she had that wisdom, but at the time I thought she was crazy. So, to get around this barbaric rule (in my mind, at least), I'd call them really fast, tell them to call me back, and then *technically* I wasn't calling them. Yeah. My skills seem to have been lacking even in my youth. Not that I didn't have any boyfriends, but, considering all I attract are freaks and gay men, we can see how well my strategy played out. But I digress. I wish there was a rule book (other than "The Rules" because those are nazi-like extreme guerilla tactics) that told me what to do. Or, if and when I catch said man, what do I do with him? All I know how to do is scare them away.

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