Saturday, September 27, 2008

Auntie Pinky

When I was little, I remember there being a few people for which the sun rose and set around and when they came to visit, it was a BIG DEAL. One of these people was my mom's friend Roberta who, although she had five kids of her own, came to visit once for a few days and I remember thinking she was the greatest thing on earth. Another person like this was my Uncle Dave (and his fun friends, Cooch and John) who would let us crawl up their legs and flip over (I can't describe it in words, but it was a child's dream to do). And finally, our family friend Candy would always spoil us and was fun to hang out with. As I've grown up and found myself somewhere that I never thought I'd be (namely, in my mid-thirties and without a family of my own) I suppose there's a part of me who now wants to fill that space by being "Cool Auntie Pinky." I have so much fun hanging out with the myriads of kids belonging to my dear friends and family. While I suppose it's still a teensy bit hard for me hanging out with my pregnant friends and their kids (since I seem to hear the song, "One of these things is not like the other" in my head over and over again), it's fun to know that their kids look forward to my visits and we genuinely enjoy our time together. Who knows what the future will hold - whether I'll one day have a family of my own - but I hope I never lose the special relationships I hold with these sweet, precious kids.


MaryDoYaWantTo said...

Ahhhh that was sweet :)

Debra said...

You don't need to be a biological mother to have little ones wrapped around your finger. You probably have my little ones wrapped tighter around your finger than they are mine--especially Nyah. She's a sucker for Pinky, that's for sure. In my house you are considered one of those people around whom the sun sets and rises. Have no doubts about that. But I can understand you feeling a pang or two of sadness as families grow. It's obvious you have those innate feelings of motherhood. I am just glad my kids get some of that showered on them and I'm sure others feel the same way. You don't hold back and our kids are better for it. Whatever the future brings I hope you know just how big your family really is.