Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scram Cold, Beat It

I'm getting a cold. I know my body well enough to recognize the signs: the sore throat; the achy, tired body; the runny nose. I also know that there's nothing my body hates more than climate changes (i.e. going to AZ and back) AND a change in the weather (i.e. the recent cooler temperatures). Therefore, I'm toast. Add to the mix my inability to ever get to bed before 11 and you've got one cold-in-the-making. Blurgh. I'm trying to tough it out at work (since I already took Monday off to clean my apartment - geez, really, can I stop talking about?), but it's not easy. My head is increasingly filling up with snot. Oooh, nice image, Pinky. Way to gross everyone out.

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