Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Those are the Breaks

As hard as it is in the "real world, " sometimes I think it must be infinitely harder to be a child of celebrity. I mean, sure, you've got famous parents, truckloads of money, and every privilege available, but the pressure to succeed would be so much worse. Maybe not if you were, say, Salma Hayek's baby (how cute is she???)....But, if you were the eldest child of yummy Bruce Willis and cougarific Demi Moore....hard times. The orange hair isn't fooling anyone, you're still not cute.See, the pressure can be so hard, Paris Hilton is all broken up about it....(OK, truth be told, I just wanted an excuse to post this picture because it always makes me laugh. Yes, I'm evil).

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MaryDoYaWantTo said...

That shit was hilarious with the Paris Hilton pic!