Monday, September 15, 2008

My Mom Says

The funniest thing about this weekend had to be my nephew's use of the phrase, "My mom says." I first noticed it at Wal-mart when he found a toy he wanted. I said we weren't going to get it today (since Erin was in a different aisle at the time) and Max said, "But my mom says." I was like, "Um, your mom isn't anywhere near us, so nice try." When I asked Erin about it, she said that was his latest thing...anytime he wanted something, he'd bust out, "My mom says." Even if she said no (to his face), he'd still say, "But you said." Don't you wish everything was that easy? That you could follow up anything you wanted with, "But my mom says." Like saying it was a free pass....Where do kids come up with this stuff??


denedu said...

That's funny! My oldest has started to same thing recently. Even when I have clearly told him "NO!" he will still try it on my hubby, etc. It's kind of funny how naive they think we are. :D

Mandos said...

It just goes to show how smart kids are. They figure out really fast how to get thier way. (or at least try too) Your nephew is adorable!!!

It was good to hear from you! I love your blog it was fun to read and see what you have been up to.