Monday, September 29, 2008

Yes, my Facebook Love is Still Strong

Oh, I guess I did talk about my Facebook love last week, when we rehashed my status change. Well, I wasn't sure if I'd been talking about it, because of course my love is deep and true. There's only thing that drives me crazy, and that's the neverending requests for stupid crap - like a Little Green Patch or Own Your Friends or a myriad of other ways to waste your time. Seriously, why do I need any of that garbage? All I care about knowing is new information on friends, pictures, and, of course, my Scrabble game with McH. I will say that one of the things I love most about FB is that everyone has a different experience due to everyone knowing different people. This is totally apparent when I log into my account and then into Monkey's account - as Monkey has significantly less friends than I do (well, to be fair, he is a Monkey and not exactly real), his updates and information are completely different than mine. It's kind of fascinating. Plus, more and more friends are signing up, which makes it even more fun. Hooray for Facebook! :)

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