Monday, September 22, 2008

OK, Now They've Gone Too Far

Um, even a celeb-obsessed person like myself (yeah, I said it), can recognize when the world has gone celeb crazy. Behold, the celeb legos. Yep, they've made legos out of Brangelina (with their twins) and Madonna. Um, really? They don't even look like them. Egads.


denedu said...

Madonna seems to have put on some weight. hahaha

Taryn said...

Howdy long lost stranger!!! I feel like we share a bond,,,,oh wait that would be our birthdays :) Sorry about how long it's taken for me to respond. To be honest i just flatout forgot! But today as I was blogging I felt like I had some unfinished business and then it dawned on could I have forgot?! So anyway I hope that you forgive me and I hope that we keep in touch more in the blog world!

Kate said...