Friday, September 19, 2008

I Do NOT Heart Ryan Seacrest

I was woken up from a sound sleep last night by a text from McB about Ryan Seacrest. Apparently, Mr. Gayface Seacrest was in town and McFamily wanted to see if I'd scored a picture with him. Let's do I explain my utter and total disdain for Ryan Seacrest? I hate him. I think he's an overrated hack who must've fallen into the biggest luck train ever to somehow receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (which still gives me a headache to think about it). We already know how I feel about American Idol...why would I even desire such a photo? Even I have limits (flash forward to a day in the future when I come across Ryan Seacrest and I totally ask for a picture...I'm such a chump).

1 comment:

BCassFam said...

Wow you hate the gay Seacrest. Who knew. It was my idea to asked if you had scored the pic. I can not stand Idol AT ALLLLLLLL. So it is a good thing you are on the bandwagon.