Thursday, March 1, 2012

Strange Day Was Had By All

Last night was a very peculiar night. My original plan after work was to stop by an event where some Private Practice cast members might be, but it didn't start until almost 7. In the meantime, I stopped by a talk show hoping to meet one or more of the guests. While waiting for the scheduled guests to arrive, none other than Richard Simmons showed up being his hilarious and wild self. He came over and posed with the five of us waiting and was just as friendly as can be.
While that was fun, I'd already met him, and should've just left right then. I didn't care all that much about the guest who I won't name, but she's going to be on the new show, GCB, and I thought it'd be fun to meet her. Plus, there were five of us, they said it was an early taping, so I figured why not, I'll stay. Mikey ended up joining me and it's always fun to catch up with a friend while waiting at a barricade.Here's the thing about this particular talk show - the guests go in anywhere between 5-6:30, they film the show around 7ish, and then they come out around 8. So, if they don't come over when they arrive, you're stuck there until the show is over. She Who Can't Be Named arrived just before 5, but someone said it filmed early, so I thought maybe she'd come out around 6 or 7 at the latest. I hate waiting until 8 for anyone - especially someone I don't care that much about - so the last thing I wanted to do was invest hours in my time in someone who could possibly "stiff." The problem though is that at some point you've waited so long that you figure it'll only be a little while longer, you've put in this much time already, and you might as well stay. This is where I made the wrong choice. I should've left.
Instead, Adam Carolla came out around 7 (which made us think the show had ended) and, despite being in a rush to go to his podcast, came over to the five of us. The whole thing (signing and taking pictures) took LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES. And it was cold. About to rain. And we'd been there for way too long.
Shortly thereafter Richard Simmons left. Finally, around 8:30, She Who Can't Be Named came out, hugged her people, and then left. No wave. No "I'm sorry I'm in a hurry" or whatever, just walked out the gate as a big "screw you" to the waiting fans calling her name. Again, I didn't particularly care about her that much to begin with, but after waiting that long it really seemed awful. Granted, no one "has" to come over, but when they're promoting a show - especially a new one - and you've seen five people waiting for you for three hours, I'd think you'd want to at least come over. I don't sell autographs; I don't get autographs; I just like pictures with people whose work I enjoy. I don't feel entitled to anything; I just thought the decent thing to do (that most celebs do when promoting their show) would be to come over. But, whatever. I'll live. Still, on the long way home I tweeted her new co-star Kristin Chenowith (who is amazing to fans) that she should show She Who Can't Be Named how to treat waiting fans which apparently struck a chord and She Who Can't Be Named launched into this huge Twitter tirade against me, even going so far as to call me a douche. Wow. Pretty classy. So much for watching GCB. I'll never support anything she does ever again.

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