Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two Years To A New Life

With all the high school reunions of late I've started thinking about my own reunion coming up. That's right; I'll admit it. Somehow when I wasn't looking, 20 years has snuck on me. I'm not really sure how because I'm fairly certain I graduated like last week, but alas, my 20 year high school reunion is a mere two years away. EGADS! Two years?!?! That's it?! I remember thinking at the five and then at the ten year reunions that my life was going to be vastly different by the time the 20 year reunion rolled around. And yet, here I am. Same ol' same ol'. Not much to report. Nothing exciting going on. Still alone, still childless, still working at a dead-end job, no happiness on the horizon (wow, way to paint a picture of my life that makes me want to kill myself, huh?). So, this is my wake-up call. If I want anything to change, now's the time to start, right? New life, new start, new me. Look out Future Pinky, here I come! :)

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