Friday, August 14, 2009

Hottie Mc Hot Hot

When I first moved to Utah in 2001 and worked for Sundance on staff, I worked alongside a particularly cute boy (real name: Matthew) who I immediately dubbed Hottie Mc Hot Hot. I had the most insane crush on Hottie and, to be honest, it will most likely never be fully gone (wait, what? Me hold onto a crush for years on end? How unusual....). However, although we've remained friends throughout the years, Hottie met a super cool girl to become partners with and they have a beautiful child together and I'm stoked for them (no, really, I am). I even made the baby a blanket when he was born. I love them together and I'm really glad we still keep in touch. Well, last time I'd checked, they were living back east, so I was shocked to see them last night at an outdoor concert. Apparently they're now living back in the area. Wahoo! Color me stoked. It was so awesome to see them! Plus, it was Cassandra's birthday, which made it even cooler.

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