Friday, August 21, 2009

Childhood Pain, Revisited

As I was contacted by yet another blast from the past last night on Facebook, I started going through some of my posted pictures from elementary school and came across this beauty. That's me in the far left corner (like the make-up?). Now, what you can't see in this picture is that during this performance of "Hava Nagelia," I tripped and fell. Yeah, really graceful. I was hoping the world had forgotten my childhood trauma (all except my brother, Paulie, who laughs anytime he sees this picture), until I tagged my friend Tera (who is in the yellow). Today she commented on the picture, "Isn't this when we did 'Hava Nagelia' and you tripped and fell?" Nice. Thanks for bringing that up. Even worse? She claims to have photographic evidence of the terrible event. Mortifying! Who wants to see a picture of Chubby Kristen flying through the air? Yikes. I'm already dreading it.

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