Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Death by Chocolate

Last night my friend M and I decided to make a Death by Chocolate cake, which sounded great in theory (hey, M cooks dinner and I make dessert - sounds like a good trade, right?). The recipe goes like this: A layer of cake/brownies, then a half cup of coffee, then chocolate pudding, then whipped cream, and then chocolate bars. Repeat. Well, we decided to replace the coffee with Kahlua liquor. For some reason, when I read the directions, I thought it said half a BOTTLE of Kahlua per layer. Um, yeah. Now, it did occur to me that they didn't know how big of a bottle I was using, so how could they know how much to use, but I quickly dismissed the thought and continued to make the masterpiece (which looks great, right?). So, we refrigerate it for awhile and then try the finished result. I made M taste it first and it was a bit, um, alcohol-y (is that a word?). Yeah, pure liquid filled to the top. How does one salvage that? Is it even possible? It's in M's fridge as we speak...not sure how to proceed. I guess it was a good time it'll be much better! :) Then again, could it have gone any worse? So much for my baking skills.

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