Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Luck Pink

The other day I was talking to my sister about how a married friend of mine has been rather flirty with me lately. She mentioned that perhaps our flirtation would enhance his marriage, just as long as we didn't cross any lines and act on anything. Um, what? Does that mean now I'm not only the Rebound Girl (you know the designated girl who gets guys from one relationship to the next), but now I'm around to act as an aide to their marriages? NO THANK YOU.
Was I really put on this earth to act as a Relationship Aide to everyone else? Sheesh! Did you ever watch that movie Good Luck Chuck where every girl Dane Cook (aka Chuck) dates ends up marrying the very next person they date? Yep, that's me. Just call me Good Luck Pink. How does one break the pattern? I mean, I do seem to enjoy taking care of broken, damaged, and altogether unavailable men. I don't even know what I'd do if one of them was actually healthy and sane. Oh, wait. I forgot. I put myself on another mancation. Why are we even discussing dirty, smelly, stupid boys? They have cooties. Nevermind. Next.

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