Monday, August 31, 2009

An Open Letter to the Guy

Dear Guy,
I'm not sure if it's because your commercials have aired over 90,000 times since they began in 2007, or if I'm just lonely and easily swayed, but I must admit to having a bit of a crush. I love it when you sing those annoying little ditties that get in my head and I think you should come to my house and serenade me. My favorite part of every commercial is the end when you get a super sassy look on your face. I think I might love you a little bit. From what I've read, you're from Canada - would you like a Green Card marriage? I'd be more than happy to marry you and have lots of little babies.
I just wanted you to know that your future wife is waiting for you in Salt Lake City. I totally love your face.
Pinky Lovejoy (soon to be Pinky

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