Friday, August 21, 2009

Death By Chocolate, Take Two

Once I started feeling better yesterday, M made me a delicious dinner of Ribeye steak, rolls, asparagus with cashews, and potatoes (I should've taken a picture of that beautiful was fabulous). Yes, I even ate the's amazing to have someone make vegetables in a way I'll actually eat. Anyway, after dinner I attempted to make Death by Chocolate yet again, only with a lot less liquor.
Not bad, right? Unfortunately, the pudding didn't really rise to the occasion, but no matter. I was able to use the top layer of the disaster cake from the other day as the middle layer. Plus, Death by Chocolate cake + vanilla ice cream = happiness in your mouth. Guaranteed.
Sadly, the rest of the original disaster cake, after removing the top layer, looks like this. I think I could drink it in a shot glass if I so desired. Sad.

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