Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jibber Jabber

Sometimes I wish there was a way to communicate that didn't involve me running my mouth 24/7 (aside from sign language, which I never did quite fully master). I swear, sometimes I talk so freaking much I annoy myself. Last month I had something like 1600 minutes of talk time used on my phone. Yeah, by myself (which isn't even counting how much I run my mouth off at work). Do you know how many hours that is? That's like over 26 hours of my just blathering away on the phone. Now, granted, many of those hours were while I driving long distances, but still. Do I really need to talk that much? What could I possibly have to say? Nothing of importance, I'll tell you that. Nothing to warrant 26 hours of phone time. My goodness. I horrified myself with that phone bill. Yikes.

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