Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm In Love.....

With a new scent, that is (did I scare you there for a minute??). That's right, on our shopping adventures last night I was introduced to a new scent so intoxicating that it *might possibly* temporarily replace my beloved Hello Sugar as Most Used Lotion in my house. A little known fact about me is that my absolute favorite scent in the whole entire world is Honeydew by Partylite candles. That's right, only from Partylite. I realize other people make it and I'm thrilled for them, but I only truly love the scent from Partylite. I've always longed to have it in a bottle and wear it all around and now, at last, I can! I'm so excited. I just want to smell it and wear it all the time. So far I only have the spritzer and the lotion, but I fear I'll be back at Victoria's in the VERY near future to buy up every last product in that scent (who, me? Obsess? What?). I'm so excited! I'm in love and want to shout it from the rooftoops!! :) Oh, crap. I just turned into TC.

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