Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Did That Happen?

The other day I received a super cute call from my oldest nephew, Spenser, to tell me all about his first day at school. Oh, did I mention he's in JUNIOR HIGH?!!? How did that happen? In my mind he'll always be the age he was in this picture (wasn't he the most adorable creature on earth?), so I'm not sure how he grew up so fast. Is time going faster? What's going on here? (Oh, and in case you were wondering, Little Miss Phoenix also gave me an update on her third grade class, as well as a detailed description of her outfits. Priorities, you know). I can't believe Spens is in Junior High. I'm still kinda tripping out. In a similar fashion, my good friend Jenny's daughter turned 16 today. 16!!! Holy crap. I met Jenny when we were like 10, so to think of her having a 16-year-old daughter blows my mind. Will it ever feel normal? Will time just keep going faster? Make it slow down already!!!

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