Sunday, August 2, 2009

All Out of Love

Friday night I went to see Air Supply in concert with Inge and a few of her friends. Since we had lawn seats, we wanted to get there early to secure a good spot. Unfortunately, the gates didn't open until 7 (we got there before 6), so we had an hour to watch the interesting crowd. Our favorite people in line? The photographer who matched the cross on his shirt with the ones on his jeans (wow) and the old man who decided to leisurely wait on the bench in a lounge position (Inge even saw him doing some leg lifts while he waited). Once we got our primo seats on the lawn, we had to suffer a group of drunk women who were a little too into Air Supply. Between them and the lady who said, "This is the best concert EVER!" it was a little much to stomach. As for Air Supply, they, entertaining? Comical? Hilarious? All of the above, actually. Bless their hearts for still thinking they're hard
core rockers (really? Were they ever?), but they were really trying to milk the experience for all its worth. Between walking through the entire crowd while actually singing, "Here I Am, the One That You Love" whilst touching and hugging crazed fans and then calling everyone up to the front row (to make it look like a wild concert?) so they could touch all the hands, I was seriously just laughing most of the time. Yes, I love their songs and for the most part they could still sing, but wow. It was a fun time....especially making fun of the old geezers. Bless their hearts.

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