Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sometimes I Do Stupid Things

So, last night I did something totally and completely stupid. Like, so stupid I don't want to talk about it (and yet here I am, talking about it). The few people I told about it beforehand couldn't even support it in good conscience. Sure, they pretended to, but Ruthie actually thought I'd be on the news. Hmmm. Now that it's over (and I'm in one piece and everything was fine), I don't know how to feel. I guess it's a bit anti-climatic after worrying about it all day. Oh, well. It's over. Now I can move on to my next stupid thing, right? :) Tonight I'm going to dinner and to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square with my mom and step-dad. Should be fun! And, happy days, I'm able to walk and move around freely. There appears to be no permanent damage from the fall. Hooray!

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Ruthie----OH! said...

For healthy doses of pessimism, call Ruthie!