Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Ice Rink Outside Your Door is not OK

So, the timed sprinklers outside my apartment came on this morning and made the walkway a skating rink. Had I noticed this, I could have been more careful, but instead I walked off my steps, attempted to move quickly to my car, and slipped back in one of those huge falls you see in a movie. Normally I laugh when people have such a big fall, but this time it wasn't so funny. Both my bags were thrown, I landed on my back, and I was completely in shock. A lady hurried over to me to help me get up and gather my things (and wits, for that matter), but we could barely move around with all the ice. I called my landlord and told him about the sprinklers and he was horrified they were on. I didn't feel sore until I got to work and now I'm in a world of pain. Ugh. I just want a warm bath! Not a good start to my day.

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