Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Wednesday Edition

Good morning and welcome to today's Celebrity Wrap Up.Is Amanda Peet going through some great depression? Seriously, this is like the 100th time we've seen her looking, well, frumpy and messy. Pull it together, Peet.Aside from Bo Derek's Bedazzled jacket, there's nothing technically wrong with this couple. I just loved the fact that John Corbett (aka Aiden from Sex and the City) is going out with a Perfect Ten. It makes me smile. Now, I love Gwen Stefani, but I do not heart this look. Maybe I should try it to see how many people laugh at me. Then again, maybe only for Halloween.I've never seen a saddle on a person before. Is she some horse that I'm not aware of?I never thought I'd see glasses that were uglier than the Terminator glasses. Apparently, I was wrong.

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