Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to the early edition of the Thursday Wrap Up.Another zebra dress? Already? I fear we're headed for an epidemic.Now, Terrence Howard, I realize you played the pimp with a heart of gold in Hustle and Flow, but that's no excuse for actually dressing like one. "Just look at us, Hugh. You, the Sexiest Man Alive (take that, TC!) and me all glorious, blonde, tall, and a MOTHER! Did you see my adorable child? Aren't my heels grand? Yes, life is good, Hugh. Life is good."Thank you, Emmy Rossum, for showing me why I should never stick my finger in the light socket. Every time I see a picture of Kirsten Dunst all I can think about was what a douchebag she was to me at Sundance last year. Let's just say if I saw her at the top of a flight of stairs, I wouldn't hesitate to give her a little push.

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Angie said...

Today is Thursday, not yesterday. I agree this week is taking forever!