Saturday, December 6, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Saturday Edition

Hello and welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.Run all you'd like, SJP, but we can still see that MESSY freaking hair. What are you running from? The brush I sent?Nice bangs, Christina. Why are you wearing aluminum foil?When did Maggie Gyllenhaal morph into Laura Bush?I've never understood the big deal about Cindy Crawford. She never blew my skirt up. All I can see is that mole on her face. This dress isn't helping. If you look closely, you can see a mesh inlay in the cut out design - almost like the dress was designed by Nike."Hey, ya'll, it's Jamie Lynn Spears here. Don't I look adorable in my PJ's and slippers? I know, right? I'm not sure where I left that darn baby, but look at my doggie's head peeking out of my purse. So cute! Now how do I ditch my annoying sister on the phone? She's always trying to tell me what to do - ha! Like she knows. Hi Pot, it's the Kettle, you're, um, huh? I don't know what that means."

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