Friday, December 5, 2008

Bowling with Freaks

It's not just the league after us that is a little off. Truth be told, our league is a bit of a freak league, as well. Last night we played The Old Ladies and Drunky McDrunk (who drinks her beer from a straw and I just watch her all night to see when she might pass out). One of the old ladies was named Nada. Yes, Nada. Can you imagine having that name? Talk about feeling like a big zero (sorry, too easy). Then there's the Bitch Team, The Bitch's Mom's Team, The Really Old Ladies, The Lady With The Bad Hair (she looks like she took one of those low flow showers on Seinfeld), The Special Needs Kids (and when we lose to them, it's hard times), and the list goes on. I know, it sounds like I'm not being nice, but I'm just being honest. We're probably the loud team. Who knows. Sometimes I dance when I get a strike. :) There are two teams we really like, so we don't make up names for them, we're just stoked when we finally get to play them.
Anyway, the big news was that Laurie decided I was grumpy and needed some cheering up, so she brought me in this light up Hello Kitty. Isn't it awesome!?!? She told me she'd gotten me a little treat at Toys R Us and I said, "Is it a man?" and she said, "From Toys R Us?" and I said, "Well, duh, boys are toys!" Tee hee. I'm so funny sometimes.

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