Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your Daily McP Update

I know, sometimes my blog feels like it's a McP world (should I change my blog name to Thinking McP?), but come on. She's so cute, how could I resist? Plus, with me hanging out with her so much this week, it's hard not to post all the fun pics we take. Yesterday was a hard day for McP. From the time I picked her up from daycare she was just kinda grumpy, which is unusual for the World's Sunniest Child. I tried everything - changing her, feeding her, rocking her, and finally had to break down and have McH walk me through what to do. Not too long after, McP was back to being McP. This picture makes me laugh because her arm looks like she's got Popeye muscles (really, it's just McB's leg). Don't you love the pink camo outfit?

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