Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sure, I Love the Word No

So, for anyone wondering just what happened with the Craigslist Mystery Man, he's been emailing me since last week. This might be exciting if he was writing from an email address I recognized, but he was a wily rascal and set up a special email for the purpose of contacting me which is incognito (under some cutesy "NeedsPink" email address). While he did throw out a few random clues (none that make much sense), he won't reveal who he is, which at this point is just completely frustrating. Why contact me to begin with, you ask? Apparently he'd been having some dreams about me, which prompted the "Missed Connections" posting to begin with, but he's already involved in a relationship and therefore isn't prepared to walk down memory lane with me. Whatever. By yesterday I'd had it and told him I didn't care. Mature, I know, but come on. Either "man up" and reveal your identity, or continue to be a chicken and torture me. It's not like revealing is going to change anything; it'd just be nice to know who it is!

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BCassFam said...

ummmm where is our post today