Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh, You Like Me? Later

So, here's one of my serious character flaws: I can't stand people who like me. Not regular people, mind you (um, what?), but boys. If a boy likes me, I tend to think there's something wrong with him. This isn't new - I've always been like this. In fact, I remember being in second grade and having this boy like me and chase me all over the playground. He even wrote me love letters that summer. Couldn't stand him. However, the second he stopped liking me....I was in love. What is that about? Sadly, all these years later, I still act the same way. If someone likes me? Eh, couldn't care less. However, if they show zero interest in me (or, more importantly, strong interest in men....), then mark me down for a yes. This weekend I've had two people ask me out...and I said no to both. Granted, I don't regret my choices, nor do I think I should've gone (I had my reasons for saying no). But, it does make me think: How do I get over this character flaw? How can I open myself up to those who make me want to run for the hills? Is it a self-esteem thing? Is it a permanent flaw? It's Sunday, it's late, it's been a taxing day. Guess I'm just full of questions.....but no real answers.

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